The newcastle game disaster

The morning of the game arived, He was just going to go back to sleep and then all of a sudden he sprung out of bed all happy. “The day of the match” shouted exetied lewis. The exited boy ran into his mum and dads room and jumped on the bed. He done his hair and ate his breakfast,beans on toast, and brushed his teeth. He looked at the time and shouted “1 MORE HOUR TILL THE MATCH” There was a unsturdy shelf and it could fall any time.His little brother came wondering down the stairs and said “your going to the football  match the day arnt ya” lewis ignored him.

Meanwile it was 45 minites till the match started and little lewis was so exited to go. He was going to get dressed and all of a sudden BANG Lewis was knocked out because of the unstable wardrobe. Lewis was  unconscious for 35 minutes his mum was so worried ” huh ” Lewis woke up. His mam was hugging him until he remembered  that it was the match. He quickly got on his bike and road to the football match he started to get tears down his cheek he was not going to make it to the footy match. He tripped and fell on his foot there was not time to get there now. So there he was, he limped all the way back home his mum said ” I’m sorry Lewis , we  can still watch it on the telly”

“It’s  not your fault mam , yeah let watch it on the telly ” replied Lewis unhappy. So they sat down on the couch And ate hot dogs together. When all of a sudden the power went out.” I’m going to sleep” said Lewis

The next morning… Lewis was thinking he had a terrible day yesterday. Lewis got out of bed and ate breakfast ( cold toast ) he didn’t like his breakfast. Unfortunately, little Lewis said ” I had won two tickets, I can just say to the people I ordered October the 20th yeah I could do that haha, I’m so clever”. So Lewis called the number… “Yes” said Newcastles selling tickets. “Well I won some tickets and I got the wrong ones.” Said Lewis In a man pitched voice