Lewis and the football match tickets

The day of the game arrived,Lewis woke up and shouted with excitement,”It’s time finally!” He could not wait. He whizzed down the stairs as fast as he could and had syrup and pancakes – yum. Lewis ran quickly back up the slippy stairs and had a bath then he called his friends Oliver and Carl  to go with him. When they entered  the Lamborghini and drove off in the black,purple and white car they got there to the reception to  show the tickets there was a disaster  they needed one more ticket he had luck because his mom gave him £40 so he bought another ticket.

Lewis  sighed  finally at last we’re here lets go after they found there seats and sat down  then the football teams  came out they looked very very confident  and everyone started screaming. Newcastle were playing with Sunderland and obviously Newcastle WON!!!!!!!!!!! And Lewis shouted with excitement Yes and then the match was over.

Lewis and Newcastle United game.

The morning of the game arrived, Lewis, who was sleepy, woke up, he stretched his arms, it was still dark. He fell down on the bed and went to sleep again. Then, when he woke up for the second time and looked at the time, he had 20 minutes before the start his favourite Newcastle game! Lewis quickly ate his yummy breakfast, brushed his teeth and he put his football fan clothes on.

Lewis quickly went to metro station and he went to the football stadium. He was so impressed because he loves Newcastle United team. It was lunch time, Lewis bought his lunch what it cheese hamburger and freezing coca-cola and he came back to the crowded stadium. Excitedly he watched the football Newcastle United game. Finally, his favourite team won the game – he was so excited – the best feeling in the world!

The little mermaid

Once upon a time, there lives a girl called Miya her friends are called Eimante and Alicja. Those three are best friends. On Monday, Miya, who is clever, went to Alicja’s house to tell her that she was invited to a party that would be amazing. On Tuesday Alicja, who is beautiful, went to Eimante’s house to tell her that Miya got invited to a party,which will be long.

“What? She got invited to a party!” Shouted Eimante loudly.

Yes she did!” shouted Alicja happily.

On a sunny day, Miya went to the beach and went to the water. Suddenly she turned into a mermaid she was…

What will happen next?

Read the next chapter which is coming soon.

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The little princess part 2

The first day, she saw a handsome prince just like her. One beautiful day, the princess and the price went to pick some blue berries for their blueberry pie, that would be delicious, big and juicy.

Planning this wedding took them more than 5 weeks to do because there was a lot to do.The morning of the big day arrived. When her sister saw it she shouted. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING AT A WEDDING!”

“Actually it’s my wedding.” Exclaimed Tweet. Her sister was gob-smacked because of what she said.Tweet’s mean sister was called Lisa. Lisa was jealous because her younger sister has a great wedding to plan and Lisa didn’t have a great wedding and Lisa was mad because her younger sister was having an after party to celebrate the wedding. Tweet’s wedding was supposed to be expensive but the waiters were kind enough to let them have the engagement party for free on Friday so they got sorted out with the preparation and got all their friends to help them with the preparation.




Thank you Jessica Ennis


Dear Jessica Ennis,

I am writing to you to thank you for inspiring me to put my all into sports and inspiring me during the recent events of the Rio Olympics in Brazil. Here are some reasons why me and many other Brits are thankful and proud of you.

You shouldn’t retire from the Olympics because you are stronger and faster than ever and if you stayed on for a few more years you would have a chance to win Olympic gold one more time to make everyone EVEN MORE proud, if that is even possible.

Unfortunately, bullying, which is very unacceptable, is a big thing in Europe and as you were bullied as a child many children who face bullying every day have hope that one day all the bullies would go away and let them live their life.

Shockingly, you announced your retirement, which was very sad, much to the shock of the thousands of Team Ennis fans. They were distraught because you made Team GB proud, you made Europe proud, you made the world proud. You may not realise this but you have changed the way people look at women’s athletics. You revolutionised women’s athletic history. And at this moment in time I am so proud to be British.

Thank you for spending time to read this and always remember that even though you may not think it you will go down in history. Your great great grandchildren will proudly tell all their friends that their great great grandma was the one and the only Jessica Ennis. Hopefully your family will carry on to continue your legacy and tell everyone when you work hard life can get unbelievable!

Thanks again,

John Blackburn

Byker Primary School

The Little Princess – Chapter 1

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful girl called Tweet. She lived in a gorgeous, golden and shiny castle with her mum and dad, who were called Trudey and Stephen. One beautiful day, she was in the woods collecting flowers for her mum, dad and her brother because they were not selfish to her. They helped her do her homework, helped her with her own chores and they had helped her fix her wing. What do you think Tweet is? Is she a person or an owl?

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This is about the Olympics.

There are a lot of Olympians out there, some are runners, or high jumpers but one thing, lets talk about Jessica Ennis. She is the world’s greatest, sportiest girl. She never ever ever gives up. She likes running and high jumping. She is 29 or 25. There is one more Olympian in the world that I know that is the best – Mo Farah. He is a long distance runner who can also sprint. He can run for days! Trust me, in the men’s race he ran for his life. Ok so speaking of Mo Farah, I would join him if I could.

Lets talk about high jump. My class 5W really talks about it a lot. So as everybody knows there are 3 bars 1 in the middle and 1 on each side. Do not run on all of your foot, run on your toes, and make sure you make your run a curved run. If you don’t you will fail. When you are jumping tilt your back and bend your legs. Also push off on your strongest foot.

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Investigation Wednesday 28.9.2016

We have been looking at the features of 3D shapes. Class 5W were already superstars when it came to naming the 3D shapes and they proved how good they were at creating them too using straws and Plasticine.

To begin with we all made cubes. Obviously this is tricky as a cube has square faces meaning all the edges had to be the same size. Even though I didn’t tell them what to do the class managed to succeed. Some measured straws accurately using a ruler, others cut one straw and then cut 11 more to the exact same length using the first as a guide and others cut 12 straws all at once to ensure they were all the same.

After making a successful cube the children challenged themselves with a variety of 3D shape creations including square based pyramids, cuboids and a whole range of prisms.

Well done class 5W, I’m super proud of you!

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