Lewis’ best day ever

Lewis was the luckiest boy alive, he had won the spot the ball competition in his local newspaper and the prize was a pair of tickets to the Newcastle United game!

The morning of the game had arrived…

Lewis sprung out of his bed with a happy joyful look on his face. He was so overwhelmed with excitement he forgot his morning routine. First, he put his clothes and shoes on, then he had a bath, next he brushed his teeth and finally he ate his breakfast. As fast as Usain Bolt, he sprinted to his car and dangerously sped down the road with his best friend Carl sitting next to him, both in their NUFC football strips.

When they arrived, they could hear the sound of 52,000 exstatic fans sitting inside the sold out stadium, St James’ park. Once the guard had inspected their tickets he granted them entrance to the larger than life stadium. Before searching for their seats, they ventured to the glory that is the snack store. Once they had bought their endless supply of snacks which include ; Hot nachos, Mouth- watering burgers and delicious tacos. They found their seats and Lewis exclaimed to Carl “THIS VIEW IS AMAZING!!!!!!” He was shouting half because of all the noise in the stadium and the other half was because he was so excited.

“I KNOW!!!!!” Replied Carl, shouting for the same reasons a as Lewis.


“10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0″

The two teams marched out both with confident looks on their faces. First to enter was Newcastle, who got a mammoth of a surprise as tyhey heard the response of the crowd, followed out by Sunderland, who did not get as much of a response from the Newcastle fans.

The match was underway and the home team were given the advantage of a kickoff! The game was off  and Newcastle started off amazingly but almost immediately were tackled by Sunderland who attempted a goal but luckily Newcastle had the one,the only Joe Hart to rely on. This game was going to be tight and was sure to go down in history. Hart powerfully rolls the ball to Sterling who juggles the ball before passing the ball to Kane who immediately boots the ball halfway down the pitch to Rooney. Will he shoot will he be tackled will he miss will he score? The crowd whent silent only to be greeted by the halftime whistle. All Newcastle fans’ hearts sank while all Sunderlands’ fans whent ballistic because one, Newcastle didn’t get a goal and two they knew that they would get kickoff too.

Half time break came and whent and whent and Sunderland were standing in the centre of the pitch ready to kick off. They got off to a great start but soon ran into a wall of problems. First there best man  Jermain Defoe got injured and that put Sunderland into deep trouble. By the end of the match Sunderland suffered a terrible 3-0 loss.

At the end of the match, Lewis and Carl got chosen to take on two of there favourite players in a 10 minute match. Lewis was so shocked that he he couldn’t speak so Carl did the talking. ” We would like to take on Rooney and Sterling please.”

Lewis wasn’t very confident but Carl had a lot of courage and casually whispered” We are going to thrash them!”


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Thank you Jessica Ennis


Dear Jessica Ennis,

I am writing to you to thank you for inspiring me to put my all into sports and inspiring me during the recent events of the Rio Olympics in Brazil. Here are some reasons why me and many other Brits are thankful and proud of you.

You shouldn’t retire from the Olympics because you are stronger and faster than ever and if you stayed on for a few more years you would have a chance to win Olympic gold one more time to make everyone EVEN MORE proud, if that is even possible.

Unfortunately, bullying, which is very unacceptable, is a big thing in Europe and as you were bullied as a child many children who face bullying every day have hope that one day all the bullies would go away and let them live their life.

Shockingly, you announced your retirement, which was very sad, much to the shock of the thousands of Team Ennis fans. They were distraught because you made Team GB proud, you made Europe proud, you made the world proud. You may not realise this but you have changed the way people look at women’s athletics. You revolutionised women’s athletic history. And at this moment in time I am so proud to be British.

Thank you for spending time to read this and always remember that even though you may not think it you will go down in history. Your great great grandchildren will proudly tell all their friends that their great great grandma was the one and the only Jessica Ennis. Hopefully your family will carry on to continue your legacy and tell everyone when you work hard life can get unbelievable!

Thanks again,

John Blackburn

Byker Primary School