Lewis first football match

The morning of the game arrived Lewis got of  his bed early because he was going to the football match he had his breakfast then he got dressed in his fancy clothes and shoes.Lewis,who is nice,got out of the house and he met his friend. Together they to went to the football match.

When thay arrived thay couldn’t go in to watch the football Mach because thay forgot their football match tickets at home. They didn’t know what to do. Lewis shouted “OH NO what sould we do?”

“DONT ASK ME, I don’t know!” Shouted Lewis’s friend.Thay ran home to get their tickets… Will they make it in time?

The little mermaid

Once upon a time, there lives a girl called Miya her friends are called Eimante and Alicja. Those three are best friends. On Monday, Miya, who is clever, went to Alicja’s house to tell her that she was invited to a party that would be amazing. On Tuesday Alicja, who is beautiful, went to Eimante’s house to tell her that Miya got invited to a party,which will be long.

“What? She got invited to a party!” Shouted Eimante loudly.

Yes she did!” shouted Alicja happily.

On a sunny day, Miya went to the beach and went to the water. Suddenly she turned into a mermaid she was…

What will happen next?

Read the next chapter which is coming soon.

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