Lewis’s first game at football pitch

The morning of the game arrived,Lewis was still asleep,his mom shouted, “WAKE UP  ITS GAME DAY NOW!!” He woke up brushed his teeth then had a bright shower then had eggs with tea for breakfast then he got his clothing on and he went to the game by bus. He got there then he ran into the life pitch he couldn’t believe it, it was VAST!  All the food at the area smokey, very nice looking, hot dogs and salad also fresh water and healthy other kinds of food. Lewis was stuffing food into his mouth with water, the man who says game begins in minutes said, game  begins in 5 4 3 2 1, he couldn’t play with food  in his mouth, so he needed to sit down and waited  until the food went down to his belly. 2 minutes after he joined the players, to play its was a very long game he was tired. After 1 hour he sat down he ate he was so hungry and tired,  so he got a taxi he left  he got home jumped on his bed and slept.

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