The epic Battle – football

The morning of the day arrived. Lewis jumped out of his bed, danced and he did a double flip to the floor and whispered “let the game begin.” Mr winner drove to his awesome Lamborghini, which is faster than an elephant throwing an elephant with a cheetah.

Lewis was showing of his crazy ticket!!!! But that’s when disaster struck… He was going so fast the ticket flew up in the air while singing “I believe I can fly”

Arriving at the stadium Lewis was skipping like a crazy man!! Suddenly when he went to this man called KSI. He shouted ” you got no tickets so you can’t go.” Lewis was more than devastated, he was destroyed. In his security camera he saw the tickets flying higher than an eagle. “No!!!!!” he he shouted louder than an elephants roar. Thankfully his best friend,which is his only friend, helped him.

He declared “Do you want any tickets?” This is because he knew what’s happened. That’s when the glory comes. On his way to the stadium he walked to the food stand and he just got nothing until he saw the best of the best salad!!

The game was starting, Lewis didn’t realised it was Newcastle vs Barcelona. Lewis saw that Perez had a heart attack and nobody was in the bench so some how they had to take one of the audience. So they chose Lewis, mostly because he was eating salad and he is very fit.

“THIS IS AWESOME” Lewis shouted to KSI. “BEST DAY OF MY LIFE #awesome”

The awesome man, who is a decent footballer, ran his way as fast as a cheater to the pitch. The match is starting, the football players went to there formation 4-4-2.

Barcelona had no problems getting the ball so the guy that wins every thing,which is Lewis,ran out of his position to get the ball off Messi. But somehow that made it better for the defenders. Messi saw the defenders open so Messi did THE BEST PASS IN HISTORY TO THE DEFENDER!!!!!!!!

All of the players ran to the defender was waiting until all of the players were next to him. The man that shoots every goal was open as big as 3 elephants. the defender passed to Messi and while in the air GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was half time and Messi shot a goal so everyone was pretty much SAD

Inside the tunnel Lewis saw how harsh the manager was.  So with his full anger he didn’t open his ears but close them. half time started, one of the strikers had to pass to Lewis,did not pass to anyone like he sometimes  saw in fifa 17. Without knowing Lewis shot the easiest goal in the world and the funny thing is that it tuck him until it was full time.


Lewis ran 2 laps around the pitch and shouted louder than an elephant screeming an shouted “NEWCASTLE RULES” the crowld was wild stronger than gas exploding. Fireworks exploding every were, balloons popping up, sunny to sunnier and stronger than ever.

While  the balloons were popping up, the Manager ran to Lewis and asked”yo kid you want to be on the squad because we have loads of spaces, not to play because you need a lot of training tho?” Lewis was gladden with joy and opend his mouth wider than a whale” year baby”

The news paper arrived, Lewis saw the paper,he saw that Newcastle United was vs Sunderland Lewis answered”#awesome#great#we are going to demolish them”

With loads of training Lewis played as one of the strikers. But did they win or did they loose? Ha ha ha


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