Football Match Tickets

The morning of the game arrived, Lewis, who’s heart was pounding in excitement, was getting changed quickly like no other normal human. As the number 1 fan stepped outside the house door, he grabbed his iPhone 6s out of his pocket and took a selfie with his best friend Mark and the two football tickets, which he then posted on Twitter. As the description he wrote SELFIE in capital letters, which caught the attention of everyone’s eyes.

When he arrived at St James Park, which is where the match was held, all Lewis and Mark heard was total screaming and shouting, that came from a certain section of the stadium (The number 1 VIP section). When he sat in his seat, number 767, he wriggled around in his seat until he found his comfortable spot.”Whooooo go Newcastle United!” Exclaimed an embarrassed Lewis, who got everyone’s eyes on him.

At that moment,he glared over at a group of ambulances and paramedics surrounding a hurt little,poor child who had been hit on the head,with a extremely hard football,which had knocked him out badly.The next awful thing he saw was the child being carried over in a stretcher, while the helpful people were drowning in the tears of the parents.

As soon as the game began,all Lewis was thinking about was the terrifying accident that happened earlier and so did everyone else who saw it happen right in front of their eyes. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! During the game, three gun shots were fired by a criminal, outside the stadium but three gun shots didn’t interrupt the players so they kept playing like nothing ever happened. Everyone was very concerned and curious at what had happened. Right at that moment, every single light at the stadium,which were helping the players see because it was very dark, flickered off extremely quickly, unsurprisingly frightening the little children.

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