Investigation Wednesday 28.9.2016

We have been looking at the features of 3D shapes. Class 5W were already superstars when it came to naming the 3D shapes and they proved how good they were at creating them too using straws and Plasticine.

To begin with we all made cubes. Obviously this is tricky as a cube has square faces meaning all the edges had to be the same size. Even though I didn’t tell them what to do the class managed to succeed. Some measured straws accurately using a ruler, others cut one straw and then cut 11 more to the exact same length using the first as a guide and others cut 12 straws all at once to ensure they were all the same.

After making a successful cube the children challenged themselves with a variety of 3D shape creations including square based pyramids, cuboids and a whole range of prisms.

Well done class 5W, I’m super proud of you!

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